Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2013 Letters to Santa

The kids were out of school again yesterday from the lingering snow/ice we've had the past five days.  So, they really caught me off guard when they wanted to write their letters to Santa. 

See, I like to have cute paper for those oh-so-special letters and well, I just wasn't ready yesterday morning.  But, being the go-getter he is, JT simply grabbed a sheet of copy paper from the printer tray and got to work.  I had to write the letter for him, and he busily copied it onto his own paper.  I transcribed Patty's letter and put it on the table for her to copy.  She's one smart cookie, though.  She said, "That's a lot of words!"  And just what did she do? Simply folded my paper and put it in her envelope!

I'm trying to be proactive this year, so I scanned their letters into the computer this morning and printed a copy to mail to Santa.  Yes, I keep the original; I'm sure Santa doesn't mind.  If you want to really mail your letter, go to the Santa Claus Museum's website

I'm not sure if this is new, or I just never noticed it, but there is a print-at-home feature on the website!  I opted to do this and now I am ready for Christmas Eve!  I'll still mail their letters, I like the idea of their Christmas wishes being a part of a Santa Claus Museum they could visit one day with their kids, but this year I'll put a note saying please don't send a reply. Save a tree, save a stamp.  Note: be sure to do a "print preview". I had to adjust the bottom margin so that Santa's signature wasn't cut off the page! 

If you're sending your little ones letter, it must be received before December 21st, a Saturday this year.  I'd get that letter in the mail no later than December 18th!  Merry Christmas!

In other news, I took to the internet to find an additional copy of our The Night Before Christmas story book.  See, we got that book for Patty's first Christmas, found it at the old Walmart in Henderson (they now have a Super Walmart), I'm pretty sure Grammie purchased it for her, and never would I have thought to buy more than one since Patty was only four months old, little did I know that I would be pregnant with JT only two months from that Christmas. 

Anyhoo, I took to the internet last night thinking I'd find a copy on Amazon.  Uh, no.  I did finally find it on Barnes and Noble.  For $142.67!  Wow.  I'm keeping our one treasured copy under lock and key, the kids will just have to fight over it when I'm gone!  I had to pull it up again this morning to share the link and the price has gone up to $157.67 over night!


  1. Wow, that's a lot for a book! Is it a special one?

    Also: what a lovely idea with the letters to Santa! <3

    1. i haven't spotted one like it, but i think the price is high because it's out of print!

  2. just checked it on B&N, and the price has gone up again! now it's $177.67!